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Two Big Records in One Day For the 7th Pink Caravan Ride

Mar 10, 2017

977 breast cancer screenings conducted in day 3, including 148 men

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Sharjah, 10 March 2017

Much excitement and anticipation surrounded Day 3 of the 7th annual Pink Caravan Ride, as the riders climbed onto their Thoroughbreds and set off on a path the Pink Caravan had never trodden before. For the first time in their six-year history, the Pink Caravan Ride mapped the picturesque coastal towns of Dibba Al-Fujairah and Dibba Al-Hisn on the east coast of the northern emirates.

The horseback ride started off at Dibba Beach Park at 09:00, and travelled over 25 kilometres, covering Souq Anwan in Dibba Al Hisn; Dibba Hospital in Dibba Al Fujairah; and finally ending the ride at Al-Fujairah’s Sambaird beach in the evening.

While new milestones were being reached in the Ride’s Equine Route, Pink Caravan Ride’s Medical Route had a busy day receiving 977 visitors – the largest number of walk-ins the campaign has received so far in a single day. What made the day even more significant was the participation of 148 male visitors who visited the Saqr Hospital in Ras Al Khaimah for breast cancer screenings and medical advice.     

Dr Sawsan Al Madhi, Director General of Friends of Cancer Patients (FoCP) and Head of Pink Caravan’s Medical and Awareness Committee, said: “We are on a mission to eliminate taboos and build community awareness, so what happened at Saqr Hospital is truly encouraging for the Pink Caravan advocates. While it is true that the odds of a man getting breast cancer are about 1 in 1,000, they carry a higher mortality than women do, primarily because awareness among men is less, which can cause a delay in seeking treatment. We want the UAE’s citizenry and residents, whether male or female, to take charge of their health and wellbeing, and we are right here to aid them in every way we can.”

“Breast cancer does not discriminate between men and women, and neither should we. Put yourself before social prejudice or taboos; those don’t save lives. Thinking you're too manly to see what's going on with your body is misjudging manliness. Check it, don't neglect it,” Dr Al Madhi added.

After receiving his breast cancer screening at Saqr Hospital, Mohammed Adeeb Kaddah said, “I would like to thank Pink Caravan for enhancing health and safety of the citizens and residents of the UAE. The medical team here provided me with precious information about breast cancer, which made me go ahead and take the screening. I did not know before today that breast cancer is a disease that can affect men. I encourage every man to go ahead and do what I did.”

Another male visitor, Jaber Ibrahim Al Zaabi, after speaking to the medical team at the hospital said: “Now I am aware that breast cancer does occur in men and are treatable and curable up to 98% if detected early. I know that there is a schedule for regular checkups to keep oneself updated about this, and now that I have started I will not stop. Thank you very much Pink Caravan.”

Day 3 ended with an impressive 977 screenings, including 267 locals and 710 expats who underwent 376 mammograms, 555 regular screenings and 46 ultrasounds. Of the total number of visits, 212 were made at fixed clinics operating in the seven emirates. Raising the total numbers of screens in 3 days to 2131, including 304 men.

Themed ‘Seven Years for Seven Emirates’, the 10-day ride is travelling across the seven emirates from 7 to 17 March, offering free breast cancer screenings, and raising awareness about the disease by emphasising on the significance of early detection.

The horse riders will set off on today’s journey (Saturday) at 09:30 from Ras Al Khaimah’s Al Saqr Hospital, and travel 20.5 km to reach RAK Beach Road where they will end the day’s ride.

Mobile medical clinics will operate across the seven emirates during the 10-day ride. Today, it will offer free breast cancer screenings and other medical check-ups in RAK Department of Economic Development (for women and men) from 09:00 to 19:00. Those exclusively for women will be available in RAK’s Family Health Promotion Center from 08:00 to 18:00, and at the Dubai Ladies Club in Jumeirah from 16:00 to 20:00.

A number of awareness activities and fund raising events will be showcased across the seven emirates through the duration of the ride. To stay updated and participate in these activities, visit http://www.pinkcaravan.ae/events-listing.php.

To enhance people’s participation and charitable acts in the ‘UAE Year of Giving 2017’, donations for the Pink Caravan, as low as AED 5 can be made by sending an SMS to 2302 (Etisalat or du). Direct fund transfers can be made to Pink Caravan's Sharjah Islamic Bank account. The global online social platform ‘JustGiving’, or PC’s official website, Facebook account - ThePinkCaravan, or their mobile app – Pink Caravan, can also be used for making donations.